Be the Beauty Omni-channel

Retail owners, win more with experimental beauty. Your customers are waiting for you.

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Work Management AI that you can count on.

Beauty shoppers are changing the way they shop. As a result, we know you want to bring unique experiences that your online and offline customers will enjoy.

Discover new channels and opportunities with Harbr.

Let Customers Experiment More.

Create more opportunities for your customers to further experiment and engage with your products and brand.

Be Successful in the Double Check World.

Customers are always double checking to see if there is a better product out there; however, direct sales is what your customers truly love. Bring more to your in-store experience through new technologies and experimental offerings.

Be the Final Shopper’s Touchpoint.

While digital resources have a large influence on buying decisions, two-thirds of consumer purchases are made at brick-and-mortar stores. Build brand loyalty through physical retail stores.

Personalize your Customer’s Experience.

Use digital channels to communicate with your customers and brick-and-mortar stores to connect with your customers. Provide a seamless omni-channel experience with Harbr.

Coordination Evolved.

Managing expansions and construction has never been easier. We make sure your projects move forward keeping everyone in sync and up-to-date.

Be the Trust.

We know you care about your employees, your customers and your partners. We specialize in helping you all work better together.

Be The Next-Gen Brand.

Let our work management software get you there. Carefully designed for multi-site expansion. We’re here to make scaling painless and easy.

A single trusted platform for your entire project network. Our system won’t let you down.

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