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Built with maximum compliance & accountability in mind.

The site isn’t the place to get bogged down with administration and documentation, but reporting of the normal and abnormal every day is critical to long term success.

Keep your field crews focused all while mitigating risk.

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Stay Focused & Up to Date

Connect the field and office seamlessly without disrupting your crews day-to-day process. Here are some of the reasons why GC’s and Supers love Harbr:


No matter what project, Harbr works the same way every time. Whether tracking tasks, teams or schedules your crews are always familiar with the process.


Harbr is easy for everyone to understand. Crews don’t have to worry about organizing information, they can simply type-and-tap.


With a secure audit-trail you and your crews can be confident that you’ll have the data to back up any dispute.


Real-time collaboration, automatic task and deficiency reminders as well as smart triggers keep everyone on the same page and moving forward.

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What do our customers have to say?

“It’s like having a real-time pulse on the project."

Dennis W., Site Supervisor

"I love it!"

Roger O., Site Supervisor

"I really like the way it provides simple access to so much information."

Cathy O., Project Administrator

"I'm zipping through the app!"

Dave P., Site Supervisor

"As Director of Construction, my job is focused on resolving issues. Harbr allows me to stay in the know of what needs to be resolved."

Jim A., Director of Construction

“I use Harbr for simple daily tracking of the job site, for logging incidents and for future planning of the day to day."

Harry M., Site Supervisor

“I was alerted to an issue that would normally take 3 weeks to get to me. I was able to take corrective action right away.”

Doug D., President

“The app is awesome!"

Nick M., Site Supervisor

Setup couldn’t be easier.

See the 3-step getting started process.