Where’s the info?

A job site meeting is fast approaching, someone has miscommunicated or has held information internally to avoid any tension. Different companies, working out of different project systems is usually the reality. The meeting comes and it becomes a push and pull strategy between the different parties. Someone says, “well I sent it in an email, did you not receive it?”

Behind all the noise of getting the project done, on time and on budget, lives a world of everyone having different versions of information, holding project data like a treasure. Projects are becoming more collaborative and project data should be more transparent. If everyone is held to the same standards and everyone has access to the items they’re involved in, there should never be a moment when a party is looking for information, they should be able to source it within seconds.

Sometimes we get lost in some of the amazing things we have developed with our software, which is great but it is nice to hear the simple problems others solve with our software. During a recent customer session, the discussion was about some of the new features we have been pushing into production. Our customer actually laughed and said, “I just love that I can find the things I need to find.”

It seems like that’s a step in the right direction for a minor (major) improvement.

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