The Environment Thanks You for Working From Home

I am sure if you were scrolling through Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook today, you realized it is in fact Earth Day. Happy Earth Day everyone!

It is no secret that more of us are stuck inside for the greater good of our health. And now we are forced to work from home. Our offices are now the kitchen table, the spare room, basement or even your couch at times. I have been thinking more and more about what COVID-19 is trying to teach us all. For starters, we all need this time to reflect but also the environment needed a little break to breathe too.

Before, all of this happened, a typical workday hurt the environment in so many ways:

  • Grabbing to go food and eating out, a lot
  • Buying to go coffee
  • Sitting in traffic for long periods of time
  • Driving around frantically to events and meetings
  • Hopping on a plane multiple times a month
  • The list goes on and on…

    In hindsight, of course, we miss doing a lot of these things, but how we do them and how often we do them is what needs to change. It is no secret many of us attend events, meetings and have to be on planes or in vehicles to get us there. When it comes to construction, and many other industries, companies fly employees around at the drop of a hat to be in a meeting or check in on a project. This doesn’t have to be the case and it quite honestly isn’t going to be the case for a while. Based on the current events, a lot of industries are having to reshape the way they work.

    It is interesting to understand the amount of productivity that is still achieved through teams that are remote, this spikes a whole new conversation, do we all really need to be in the office? Is this about micromanagement or team morale? Or did we just not believe the other way would work? Now is the time to measure and test and see how this could work in the future.

    Not to mention the importance of remote work and how it improves air quality. Fewer cars, planes and other forms of public transportation out there, the better the air quality. Lessoning these forms of transportation removes a lot of pollutants in the air, remember smog, yuck. Cars and other methods of transportation are one of the biggest contributors to the source of carbon emissions, which of course is number 1 to climate change. So fewer people on the roads and everyone driving less right now is helping the environment, yay!

    Next time please think twice about taking an unnecessary trip, sending an employee on an unnecessary site visit, flying your team unnecessarily around the country or world to do something that could have been done through technology. It is time to take responsibility for your employees, teams, and business. Today we celebrate the beautiful place we call home, planet earth.

    Happy Earth Day everyone!

    Stay safe,

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