Simplified Communication is Coming, by Text!

Building relationships is an essential piece to the success of any business. In an industry like construction, usually there’s a lot more at stake, and it’s very easy for things to go wrong. That means that managing expectations and relationships can be the pivotal reason as to why you get a chance to work with that client again or have them even refer you.

Whether you are a consultant, contractor, or the client, collaboration and communication should be fluid and priority. At Harbr, we have made it easier than ever to get updates around progress and critical milestones. We’ve created a platform that offers a collaborative schedule and true accountability for those individuals involved. This is a win on its own. 

The first thing we hear in most conversations is not another app or we can’t trust someone to use the software. Well we have an answer for that, as we are soon releasing text messaging updates direct to the Harbr platform. Everyone knows how to text, so there is now no way for someone to push back. What we have found is that when it is tied to a schedule that stakeholders are paying attention to, people are more likely to adopt the technology, and with text messages into the platform, you can be certain that communication will be flowing like never before.

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