Remove Uncertainty

Even though human instincts allow us to create trustworthy relationships, there are still countless times in relationships that complications arise, which can result in the relationship even ending. Even in business, you’ll often hear “I have a good relationship with so and so.” But really, what does good mean when it comes to business relationships?

A subjective understanding of your working relationship with someone is dependent on goals and outcomes, which are sometimes good and sometimes bad. These successes and defeats are traditionally very difficult to measure, as there are a lot of moving parts.

What if you could actually, quantitatively, measure the success of your team and your partners? This would create stronger partnerships, and a better understanding of one’s work, plus completely validate or improve the relationship. Maybe you thought you had the A-Team, but it turns out that they weren’t.

That’s why we’ve built insights for tasks, companies, and specific users. This way you can actually see where the project was successful or not, by what company, and by who. With Harbr’s insights, you can spin up reports across all of your projects, preparing you with a proper status update or post mortem. Where did we HIT and where did we MISS.

We analyze construction performance and build transferable trust. Companies will now be able to prove how good they are based on the actual work that they are completing. We can still have steak dinners and drink red wine, but let’s get to a point where we know why we are really celebrating!


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