Remote-work Optimizations: What we do at Harbr

Kind of like how Harbr tracks your construction projects in one place we use Slack to aggregate our technology infrastructure and third-party inbound notifications to make monitoring and response times faster.

Slack has done an amazing job over the years to make not only integrating with popular apps simple but also integrating with your own apps simple.

Here are just some of the things we use Slack integrations for.

  • Twitter: Look for posts containing keywords and our Twitter handle @goHarbr and post the tweet into our #General channel.
  • Email: Track customer support related emails and send a notification into our #Support channel.
  • Chat Support: Immediately notify and allow us to respond to chat requests on the website from within Slack.
  • Infrastructure: Immediately notify of Changes, Warnings, and Errors that come from servers or any of the infrastructure that supports it.
  • Simple Poll: An easy way to create polls for any company-wide decision — from what do get for lunch to operational decisions.
  • Custom Harby App: We make use of Slack’s Webhook feature that allows us to trigger notifications from within our QA/Testing environment.
  • Custom App: Another Webhook we’ve built brings in voicemail and faxes that we’ve set up through Twilio.
  • Of course Slack and Zapier work well together so really the integrations are practically endless for popular apps.

    If your org is just starting with work-from-home and remote-work feel free to get in touch, we’d be happy to help you get more out of your apps.

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