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Product Announcement – Too Many New Things To Fit Into One Title!!!

(Work Management AI – Just like your own personal project assistant that never sleeps)

Happy New Year! 🎉🎉🎉

We’re kicking off 2019 just the way we like it: With another HUGE product announcement! Excited isn’t close to being big enough to describe our feelings on this one.

As you might know by now our goal is to make your retail expansion scalable and more efficient. Growing your expansion strategy past the first 10 presents incredibly significant challenges. And that’s where we fit in.

One of the most frustrating things about managing expansion at scale (across multiple locations often concurrently) is getting the right data into the project and then keeping everyone updated as targets get completed or move around.

Scaling physical retail stores isn’t as easy as online expansion. There’s a whole lot more communication, collaboration, planning and decision making that needs to happen (often with partners who aren’t even in the same location as you, let alone office).

Harbr already handles the getting the right data part, and also the keeping everyone updated part too, but a huge piece of the work management product was still under construction, that is, until today.

Harbr Schedule Manager (which, if you should know anything about how we make products, means more than just a vanilla-box product).

Of course our version of schedule management includes editing and creating phases, tasks, and timelines, but we also decided to add in some pretty nifty features that should further enable seamless collaboration across your partner network.

Things like Task Owners and Task Dependents (up to 20 for each) let you assign people (and their email addresses) as entities who should know about movements on a task.

That means if a note, picture, progress update, task completion or an issue is created all Owners and Dependents of that task get a notification or daily summary. This is what we mean when we say Work Management AI is like your project assistant.

(Your expansion strategy means managing lots of physical locations)

Here’s a quick rundown of what to expect in Harbr Schedule Manager:

Start and end dates

  • Start and end dates are fluid!
  • PMs can change dates at any time which will then notify the team members associated with the task, allowing everyone to remain in the loop when changes occur.

Task owner

  • All tasks have an owner – someone responsible for that task.
  • Simply select the task owner from your team list!

Task dependents

  • Task dependents refer to anyone who needs to know about specific information that could affect their work.
  • If an issue or priority has been flagged regarding a piece of work, only those involved in the work will be notified…in an instant.
  • Why bother someone who isn’t involved? We’ll only notify the individuals that need to know…automatically!

We’d be happy to give you a personal tour of Schedule Manager just schedule a time with us below.

Along with this release are a handful of enhancements of the platform including:

  1. Separate Canadian and US Data Centers. We take data privacy seriously. Customers can now choose where they would like their Harbr data stored.
  2. Overdue Tasks in Workspaces. In the same way you can filter by Priorities you can now filter by tasks that are Overdue.
  3. Task Focus in Workspaces. Only tasks that belong to you as an Owner or Dependant are displayed in your Workspace, unless you’re a Project Admin where you can still see all tasks.
  4. Quick-Icons in Workspaces. There are now icons on mini-display cards that show task Owners and Dependants, if a card has images or notes, and priorities.

We hope these improvements bring a whole new level of productivity to your projects. If you’re not yet scaling with Harbr Work Management AI please get in touch.

Team Harbr

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Also published on Medium.

Also published on Medium.