Preparing Your Construction Teams For The Future

The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.”– Socrates

The first step to growth is doing something different. How can companies expect to grow if they aren’t willing to change? Often we are overwhelmed with the amount of emails and ads that try to get our attention. It is quite possible we have become accustomed to seeing these sorts of messages that we just write them off completely. How can we better align with what’s being offered and actually understand the purpose of a product or service.? Ultimately, trying a new product or service is the step in the right direction towards doing something new and different.  Remember, get uncomfortable, change is good!

With companies continuing to implement remote work,  most work cultures are changing significantly.  If you haven’t started thinking further into the future, the time is now and ask yourself how can I best prepare my teams or employee(s) for the future, while continuing to nurture remote work culture. Construction is clearly a completely hands on industry, material, labor etc. there is 100% a hands on aspect, but there are hundreds of people involved with every moving part. All in all, the folks behind the scenes still need to communicate and get the project done. Construction projects still require stakeholders to have a pulse on what’s happening at all times, which poses challenges of course when they can’t arrive on site as often as they’d like. It is more critical than ever to understand what is happening, and what the status of work being done looks like, so how do you do that?

The biggest piece to getting everyone to work together going forward is ensuring everyone can get onboard with a process, if it was only that easy… The entire project network will be successful if all stakeholders and subcontractors take action and embrace the new culture of construction. Without the entire network’s participation, it will affect the project ecosystem as a whole. Ultimately the company not receiving the proper updates and information in a structured way, will without a doubt impact everyone. Naturally this would be a trickle down effect that will disrupt the entire project network eventually. 

Here are a few tips to ensure you can prepare construction teams for the future:

  • Find a champion to research what offerings are out there and get the ball rolling
  • Adopt a process that fits the needs of internal and external stakeholders
  • Encourage participation and why teamwork is important for a project — leadership!
  • Go over old process and highlight what new wins look like with a new process
  • Offer support until everyone is comfortable (your champion will be great at this)
  • Have fun with starting something new!
  • Read the Socrates quote over and over again

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