How Do You Hire?

If your company is hiring, that means you are growing — YAY right? Hiring isn’t always that easy. There isn’t necessarily a magic formula for finding it the right hire. A lot of trial and error goes into this process. All teams, positions and companies are quite different, someone may excel at one company and not do so well at another. It truly is all about the right fit for the employee and the employer. This almost sounds like it, doesn’t it?

You’re hiring, so you spend countless hours thinking about your ideal hire, exhausting some of your personal resources and networks, searching high and low online to find that exciting new hire. You’ve probably spent a lot of time crafting the perfect job posting with hopes that it will reach the right person. Your job posting is live and the resumes just start flooding in, and your inbox is full, now what, how will you decide? You zero in on a few candidates that you’d like to pursue. Remember 2019? You’d call someone in for a face to face meeting around a boardroom table. Considering the state of the world right now, it isn’t quite hiring as usual, COVID has taken just about every group meeting online, so you set up a virtual meeting room and dig in to understand who this person is and if they’d like to work with them.

If you are a relatively small company like Harbr, growing means a lot, your business is going to change. The hire or hires will now be able to pick up some of  the workload that has come up during this period of growth and now you can find someone that can assist in building cool stuff. The reality is, that there will likely be more work for the entire company, because your business as a whole is growing and likely needs to execute faster than ever to keep up with the demand of the industry or customers.

Culture, we hear a lot about company culture, especially in tech and startups, but sometimes it isn’t just about fitting the culture of the company. “What most people really mean when they say someone is a good fit culturally is that he or she is someone they’d like to have a beer with.” Patty McCord, author of Powerful: Building a Culture of Freedom and Responsibility. This raises a lot of questions for me. Does this mean that companies hire folks who are more like the majority of the people already there, so they can all hangout and get along? To us, culture fit is aligning goals to help each other win and win BIG. We want to work alongside individuals who want to help impact the success of the team, company and customer.

Here are some tips to help you hire the right person:

  1. Be inclusive. Ensure your language is written to attract everyone. There are great tools out there to test out your job posting. This will give you a rating and let you know if your language is going to be geared towards attracting men or women. 
  2. Vetting. It can be time consuming to go through hundreds and hundreds of resumes, especially if you don’t have an HR department. Set up a questionnaire or some kind of follow up from the initial application to see who’s serious and who is willing to take the next step.
  3. Get input. Form a small committee to help make a hiring decision. You should mix up who is involved in the interview each time, so that different employees can give their input. This also helps gage what types of folks are desirable for the entire team.

Additionally, a great way to make an interview less formal is to have lunch or have an informal meetup. This can only be done if it is safe to do so right now. In a normal pre COVID world, you could sit down at a restaurant and assess how the potential hire handles themselves, how they interact with the server, are they able to maintain a conversation, are they polite and pleasant? If you can go for a COVID walk, that is a great option too. When you walk and talk there is greater opportunity to possibly encounter situations that are unplanned. This way  you can get a feel for how that person may handle other situations and also how they interact with the general public.

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