Harbr Platform “Lite”

We are proud to announce that we have launched a “Lite” version of Harbr to help make post-COVID workflows safe and efficient for construction teams.

The Coordinator plan takes the Harbr Construction Platform removes all of its performance analytics and forecasting features but still keeps all of the workforce coordination automation with document revisions, task sharing, and team collaboration. Coordinator plans will support unlimited free collaborators which means per-user costs are completely manageable without sacrificing scalability and loss of communication.

Below is a product comparison matrix that lists all features and access restrictions between Collaborator, Coordinator, and the full-featured Analyst plans but here are a few quick takeaways.

Team Collaboration

  • Realtime Messaging with Direct @Mention allows teams to communicate on specific tasks and send instant notifications to specific team members.
  • Task Tracking allows each collaborator to track their tasks and work on collaborative tasks with issue tracking, photos, and documents.
  • Tasks are connected to your schedules so you don’t have to duplicate information while bringing all progress and information back into one central place.
  • Collaborator accounts are free and unlimited.

Document Sharing

  • View documents on any device with realtime versioning and notifications. Storage is included and unlimited.
  • Daily Reports are automatically generated and sent out each day detailing activity, progress, notes, documents, and images.

Check out our updated pricing page for more details.


Pricing Matrix -Proposed

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