Harbr Innovation Partnership Program

HIPP, a unique approach to working with existing and new customers to build a network and community of construction experts who embrace technology and innovative opportunities. Working as an innovation partner allows you to test and use Harbr to your advantage.


We focus on processes to allow money to flow quickly in the construction industry, helping construction and development companies speed up their invoice approvals with live jobsite completion data.


Amidst massive opportunities in construction — the largest industry on our planet — it is no coincidence or pure luck that Harbr is the first tech company to produce tangible innovation in the space, although decades of computerization led to digitization of payment processes and planning, Harbr is the first to combine payment and planning into a data driven process in an event driven world.


Construction is truly an old-school industry, even today cheques and paper are common, and Harbr honors that. It’s a reflection of our culture, we don’t fix what’s not broken, we innovate where the most opportunity lies for our clients.

We’re growing and seeking innovation channel partners to help us discover collaboration opportunities to build the best product on earth for construction.


We’d love to hear from you please contact ashley@harbr.com to get started.