Ease of Use #NoApps

During COVID we had the opportunity to sit back as a team and reflect on what was happening, focusing on how we wanted to move our business forward at such a unique time in the world. It became clear to us, that in world filled with more obstacles and new challenges we were all facing, that we could actually make someones day and job a bit easier. This is where Harbr Assist was born.

We wanted to make certain that adopting something new would be a breeze and make participating in technology easier, end of story. With a world that was being forced to be more remote like never before, organizations were quickly adopting a new way to manage business through technology. For the construction industry this isn’t always an easy task, but contractors already know what a text message is, and how to use it. It just made sense. Contractors are in fact already sending progress updates via text right now. With Harbr Assist, there is no need to learn anything new, or download a new program, everyone can communicate they way they already know how.

At Harbr, we ensure that project progress data can be collected at every layer, because it is through the power of text. Each individual text message is connected to the project schedule, adding context and structure to the information being gathered.

Want to learn more, give us a shout at team@harbr.com