Don’t Leave Data Behind

The documentation of site reporting has certainly evolved over the years, just because it has evolved, doesn’t necessarily mean that it has been widely adopted. It is more important than ever to document daily activities on site. Projects are becoming longer, more complicated, more project partners involved and accountability needs to be at the forefront.

When we first started Harbr, we talked to hundreds of people in the construction industry to understand what their day to day processes looked like. One of the sayings I heard over and over was “well, I do my reporting to cover my ass!” This statement couldn’t be more true. When considering the site supervisors position in the field, they must report all activities and are in charge of who is on site every single day. These sorts of reports can be daunting, repetitive, time consuming and largely no fun at all. It isn’t always easy to get subcontractors and general contractors to adopt new technologies. Technology has typically been pushed on site by companies who built the solution for the office, not always considering the usability in the field. The most important updates and data comes directly from the field, from the site supervisor, from the project partners who are actually performing the work. 

So what are the options? There are a lot of them, and I mean a lot of different products and solutions that could be adopted. Sometimes even internal processes work for certain teams and they scale spreadsheets and documents, so hey, whatever works. It can often be costly to keep these internal processes or programs up because more staff is needed to monitor internal processes or control the programs. If you consider the average salary of a construction administrator, you could be spending 50k + to do the work that some technologies can do for much cheaper. 

Our goal is to remove communication and collaboration barriers with a solution that anyone can use on site. Cover your own ass with a simple text message to update progress and create accountability. You can start for as little as $10 a month. If you want to do more with the platform and your teams, aka analytic stuff, we’ve got a solution for you too.

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