Construction Acronyms 101

There are a ton of acronyms flying around in our homes, on social media, our workplaces and even on the construction site. Common ones we have all heard of are FYI (for your information) or ASAP (as soon as possible) but when it comes to the construction industry there are even more to learn!

Acronyms help shorten things so we can basically save time when we are speaking or writing. Here is a list of construction acronyms you should know if you work in the construction industry in some way shape or form.

IPDIntegrated Project Delivery

D-B – Design Build

RFI – Request for Information

PO – Purchase Order

BIM – Building Information Modelling

LEED – Leadership in Energy & Environment Design

VDCVirtual Design & Construction

PM – Project Manager

CM – Construction Manager

CCO – Contemplated Change Order

RFP – Request for Proposal

ROW – Right-Of-Way

VE – Value Engineering

EDPM – Engineering, Design, and Project Management

CAD – Computer Aided Design