Construction Payment Applications Explained

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Requesting a payment in the construction industry is not so straightforward. The industry is extremely complex and because of the complexities, additional documents supporting work completed is needed for an Owner or General Contractor to pay a Subcontractor. It’s Read more

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Harbr Innovation Partners & Early Adopters

In just 6 short months, Harbr has gained impressive traction thanks to strategic early adopters and partnerships with innovative organizations. Partnerships include organizations within the insurance, legal, quantity and payment certification, restoration, general construction and property development sectors. Working Read more

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How Slow Payments Disrupt the Construction Industry

“Pay when paid”, the construction industry’s unofficial motto. Money doesn’t move unless money is received, and that’s the bottom line. And as you can imagine, it gets even more complicated when money isn’t moving fast enough.

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Harbr Innovation Partnership Program

HIPP, a unique approach to working with existing and new customers to build a network and community of construction experts who embrace technology and innovative opportunities. Working as an innovation partner allows you to test and use Harbr to Read more

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Overcoming Technology Barriers

How to make software more adoptable for your construction teams. What is the value, motivation and benefit?

Listen in to find out more.

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Construction Acronyms 101

There are a ton of acronyms flying around in our homes, on social media, our workplaces and even on the construction site. Common ones we have all heard of are FYI (for your information) or ASAP (as soon as Read more

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International Women’s Day #ChooseToChallenge

As I reflect on the theme for International Women’s Day #ChooseToChallenge, I am proud to say that our team supports the movement towards a gender equal world. We celebrate the women in our business today, and realize that everyone Read more

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Construction Industry & Bankruptcy

Every year thousands of construction businesses go bankrupt due to the snowball effect of late and delayed payments. According to in just 2 years there was a decrease in companies at roughly 30%. There is absolutely nothing easy Read more

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Text Your Project Updates to Harbr

Text Message!

We are beyond thrilled to announce that you can now add multiple photos to your project tasks with Harbr Assist. Harbr Assist uses one of the most basic features on any mobile device, text message! 

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Construction Payment Complexity

The construction industry seems to always be up against unique challenges, it always has. It is common to run into challenges and changes before a project has even broken ground. This is despite the fact that projects are usually Read more

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Who Invented the Hard Hat?

There is not a visitor or worker on a construction site that you won’t see wearing one of these, a hard hat! If you haven’t worn one, they are actually very fun to wear. Light in weight, there is Read more

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Do Women In Construction Need “Balls Of Steel”?

Barbara Kavovit is the CEO of Evergreen Construction. Some of you may recognize her from popular reality TV sh ow the Real Housewives of NYC.

Barbara has faced her share of challenges working in a male-dominated field. “Ten percent Read more

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We’re Hiring

Please check out our latest job postings here:

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2020 Women’s Entrepreneurship Day

November 19th marks a special day, it’s Women’s Entrepreneurship Day. On this day we recognize and celebrate women in business across the world.

“Across the globe, women participate in paid economic activities less than men. The gender gap in Read more

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How Do You Hire?

If your company is hiring, that means you are growing — YAY right? Hiring isn’t always that easy. There isn’t necessarily a magic formula for finding it the right hire. A lot of trial and error goes into this Read more

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Ease of Use #NoApps

During COVID we had the opportunity to sit back as a team and reflect on what was happening, focusing on how we wanted to move our business forward at such a unique time in the world. It became clear Read more

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Busy vs Productive: 9 Ways To Be Productive, Not Busy

Busy vs Productive: 9 Ways To Be Productive, Not Busy

Have you ever struggled with managing your time? Trying to decide how and where to put energy into work or home life. Here are 9 ways to help you Read more

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The Construction Record Podcast Episode 97 An interview with Ashley and Jeff Kielbratowski of Harbr

The Construction Record chatted with co-founders Ashley & Jeff Kielbratowski to discuss how they built the foundation to their successful construction tech solution start-up in Halifax.

“Vince looks at how Harbr looks at construction scheduling data to create insights, Read more

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To Build is to Jenga

Born in East Africa, Leslie Scott grew up fluent in both English and Swahili. Jenga evolved from a stacking game her family played with simple wood blocks. Back in England in the 1980s, Scott began manufacturing her game and Read more

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Top 50 Construction Influencers

Who are the hottest and most influential folks in the construction industry? Well, wonder no further because Autodesk  has just released their list of the top 50 construction influencers.

  • Brian Ahmes, co-founder of Parafin
  • Kim Bates, Vice President Read more
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Build Our Future Podcast, Optimizing Progress Reports Through SMS

With the evolution of #technology providing solutions to ease the collaboration & communication between the site & office – the onboarding process for site personnel is key in ensuring any system is used properly.

Ashley Kielbratowski  Read more

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Building the Innovation Economy: Emerging Technologies, Startups and Venture

October 22nd, join Co-Founder & CEO, Dave Kim for a virtual panel discussion on Building the Innovation Economy: Emerging Technologies, Startups and Venture. It is going to a great conversation!

About the Event

With a pandemic creating unprecedented economic Read more

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The Future of Work in the Post-Pandemic Era

CEO & Co-Founder Dave Kim talks with Northern Spark Episode 1: The Future of Work in the Post-Pandemic Era. They dive in and explore the #futureofwork in the post-pandemic era on our new web series.

You can watch the discussion and learn more:

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Preparing Your Construction Teams For The Future

The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.”– Socrates

The first step to growth is doing something different. How can companies expect to grow Read more

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