Build Smarter with SMS Collaboration

We hear it all the time, “well how do you get the data?” The Harbr Platform offers many industry moving innovations when it comes to collaborative scheduling and risk profiling, but where does the data come from?

Over the last couple of years we worked hand in hand with both internal and external teams to show that if data is collected in the right way, it can be super powerful for an organization. The cross platform performance layer of data, has been perceived as providing significant value for active projects and pre planning for future projects, but where does the data come from?

We are in the process of taking an already simple to use Platform and make it even easier to use. We will be introducing SMS and MMS (text messaging) to Platform. This means that anyone that is working on your projects can update progress on the tasks that they are related to, all through Natural Language Processing from a text message. Our software then recognizes the text message, the user, the project, and the task that is needed to be updated and automatically attaches it to the scheduled item. All of this happens with no need to install any software.

Through our discovery, many softwares fall short when it gets to mobile and site products. What we know is with text messaging, there is no barrier to entry. There’s now no limitation to how far you can go with your user base, because we know that almost everyone knows how to text.

For you, data will be flowing back into the easily consumed Harbr Platform and you will be able to know what’s happening at any given time. Through exception management, you will improve your decision making processes through our forecasting and insights products. With something as simple as text messaging, your confidence level should be through the roof for user adoption, providing rich data, through text messaging, for optimal decision making.

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