Are Your Decisions Costing You Money?

What if you could win more based on the decisions you make, would you change? Though construction is one of the biggest industries on the planet, it still lacks the ability to set standards when it comes to site performance and tracking important information. This information is critical and should be evaluated often for better decision making. If you are not analyzing past performance history you are missing the possible exposure of inefficiencies, which can ultimately cost you a lot of extra money.

Every decision has an element of risk associated with it, do you select company A based on their proposal or do you select company B based on your experience with them in the past? Or do you select company C based on the deal they’re offering up to you. We make a lot of decisions based on trust, which are typically based on relationships built over time. What if those decisions and relationships are costing you a lot of money, how do you change and compare a better option?

Here are some tips on how you can start tracking decisions now: 

  • Create a company wide spreadsheet with columns that include project, company and team information. Make notes about how everything is going.
  • Template your post mortem with both internal and external teams. Get everyones thoughts to formulate how to be better next time.
  • Formulate a ranking system for why you like to work with certain companies and why, this helps establish a benchmark.
  • Get everyone to buy into the same process and make it transferable, putting processes in place is key!

If you’d like to learn more about Harbr and how we can help automate this process, we are here to talk!

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