Are we on time? Harbr releases Insights and Forecasting.

A week before COVID-19 turned our lives upside down here in Nova Scotia and across the globe our team was deep in the final stages of an important new product called Insights – A product that we’d been looking forward to building since we first asked ourselves the ultimate question “Are we on time?”

The idea of prediction in construction is one of the biggest influences that brings this team together — We absolutely believe that construction can be predicted. After a quick refocusing of efforts integrating Zoom Meetings into Harbr we are proud to release Insights and Forecast for all Harbr Platform customers.

Insights take a Task then shows a list of every Project and Phase that task is in. Each row breaks down the task into details like current status, percentage of completion, task owner, and start and end dates to make it easy to sort and compare progress and attributes across multiple projects.

A major product developed in concert with Insights is Forecast.

Forecast leverages actual data gathered across projects to actively track a HIT, MISS, ON TRACK, or RISK prediction, a kind of early warning system that helps to manage by exception.

Forecast has been integrated into existing products Project Overview, Workspace, as well as the new Insights product.

It’s our vision that Insights and Forecast pave the way to profiling that helps define the most optimal version of a task and eventually a collection of tasks within a project.

Stay safe.


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