Jeff Kielbratowski, Co-Founder & COO

Hey, my name is Jeff Kielbratowski and I am part of the founding team at Harbr Inc. I love dealing with people and building solid relationships. I feel that I am a pretty easy person to get along with and I like to bring that into my day to day whether it be for work or for personal life. I value the relationships I have and would never take anything for granted. I look forward to solving any problems that my team and I are faced with. Through my experiences, I have always wanted to do a little something more, and how cool would it be to have a company that could provide a service to anywhere in the world.

Nickname: Kiel, Kieler, Killer, Kiels (way too many)

Job Title: Co-Founder / COO

Birthplace: Cole Harbour, NS

Education/Experience: I attended StFX University where I also played varsity hockey and completed a BBA in Enterprise Development. Upon graduating, I went directly into real estate and construction. I ran a successful sales and leasing team, along with managing and working on construction sites.

Desired Talent: Lead singer in a rock band, if I could sing…

Hidden Talent: I can jump really high, I have springs in my legs.

Four Words to Describe Yourself: Patient, hard worker, leader, motivator.

Favourite Food: Beef tenderloin or take me anywhere for brunch.

Favourite Drink: A nice pint of beer will do.

Favourite Quote / Motto: Anyone can talk about the things they wished they did or wish they do, what’s stopping you?

Interesting Fact: I once did an impromptu stand up comedy session in university, I didn’t realize that people thought I was funny 🙂

Hobbies: Playing and coaching hockey, golf and staying active.

Coffee or Tea: Coffee, yes please.

Pet Peeve: Someone who gives up.

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