To Celebrate Entrepreneurship Week, Harbr Goes Into The Classroom!

This week is Entrepreneurship Week, the world’s largest celebration of innovators and risk takers. We believe one of the best ways to celebrate this global initiative is to speak with up-and-coming entrepreneurs and business-minded people. Therefore, over the past couple of weeks we’ve connected with students from St. Francis Xavier University, Dalhousie University and Cape Breton University. St. F.X. business students stopped by our office at Volta to discuss different opportunities, particularly for women in business. As outlined in our previous blog, we’ve been accepted to CDL-Atlantic Cohort which means we’ll be working closely with the Rowe School of Business at DAL, something we are so thrilled about. And, just last week we injected some excitement into a marketing strategy class at CBU, as we collaborated and wrote a live case study, which the Professor happily used. We are delighted with the results and will be implementing some of the feedback provided by students into our current marketing strategy. Thank you students!

Pictured here is Harbr Co-Founder & CEO Dave Kim, as he speaks with a group of St. F. X. students about the opportunities for women in business.

We are also very pleased to announce our support for Techsploration! Techsploration is a Nova Scotia non-profit organization who focuses on empowering young women to explore careers in technology, trades and science. Techsploration delivers hands-on, mentor-led programming to encourage young women to consider careers in fields in which women are typically underrepresented (such as technology, trades and technology). Their programming is currently delivered within 40 different schools in Nova Scotia, and reaches about 3,500 students each year. We look forward to working with Techsploration and believe in their mission to empower young women to get into tech, trades and science. As Harbr has made a commitment to gender parity, this is a perfect match and a great partnership for both parties involved. Thank you Techsploration – we look forward to working with you and your students! Read more about Techsploration here:

At Harbr, we believe education should prepare you for the real-world therefore authentic examples should be used as much as possible. Working with students is not only beneficial for them, it is also very useful for companies. Students bring a wealth of new and creative knowledge to businesses, at no cost. Moreover, it is an opportunity for businesses to gain fresh ideas while enhancing the student’s learning experience.

We look forward to working with students at all levels and continuing to form wonderful partnerships! Happy Entrepreneurship Week, everyone!

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